Stressed ends: telomere attrition in chronic diseases

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal:
Stressed ends: telomere attrition in chronic diseases

Size of study:
91 sickle cell disease patients, 188 healthy age matched controls

In this study, the researchers were interested in the effects of chronic disease on telomere length. They measured telomere length of 91 sickle cell disease (SCD) patients and 188 age matched controls and compared them. The 91 SCD patients had telomere lengths that were statistically shorter than controls. In addition, the telomere shortening was associated with disease severity. The study’s authors concluded that ” the results presented by Colella et al., indicate that also in SCD, inflammation and oxidative stress (elevated oxidative stress burden is a well-established occurrence in SCD) contribute to telomere attrition.”

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