What Are Telomeres?

Let’s start by level-setting on a few genetic concepts that will help you understand how certain lifestyle choices and habits can have an impact on aging. You may have heard DNA referred to as the building block of life, as it is found in small packages called chromosomes in nearly every cell of all living… Read More

Cellular senescence is a primary driver of the aging process, and has been described as the “causal nexus,” which links cellular damage with the larger, anatomical effects of aging1. Senescent cells do not directly cause aging, but instead have a cumulative effect leading to larger, more visible consequences of tissue breakdown that are the signs and… Read More

When we are born, generally our telomeres are at their longest. With every cell division throughout the course of our life, our telomeres lose a bit of their DNA. In addition to the normal replicative processes of the cell, telomeres are also negatively impacted by oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a cellular condition that describes… Read More