TeloYears: 2016 Telomere Science Year in Review

It’s that time of the year when we look back over the past 12 months and make New Year’s resolutions about self- improvement and healthy living. Its review of noteworthy scientific studies published in 2016 finds the role of TELOMERES, the dynamic, protective caps at the ends our DNA strands that tend to shorten and fray with age, at the top of the list.

To those who are deciding whether to measure their own telomere length as a worthwhile way to help set a baseline for improving their lifestyle in the New Year, TeloYears offers the following round-up of the latest clinical studies published by highly renowned and trusted organizations who already know that it is. These publications from credible institutions not only add to the scientific basis for measuring telomere length, but also provide interesting evidence on the interplay between telomere length and one’s genetics, lifestyle, environment, stress and wellness.… Read More

Need a quick graphical overview of the TeloYears test? Our handy new infographic explains what telomeres are and how telomere length is associated with cellular aging. Find out what causes telomeres to shorten and what lifestyle improvements have been shown to be positively associated with telomere length. Feel free to download it or share it with… Read More