Physical activity in midlife and telomere length measured in old age

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal:
Experimental Gerontology

Size of study:
782 men

In this study, researchers established baseline telomere measurements as well as collected information about subjects’ activity levels. They were then categorized into 3 levels of physical activity – low, medium and high.  29 years later, the subjects’ telomere lengths were tested again. Over the span of the 29 years of this study, moderate physical activity was associated with longer telomeres while low and high physical activity was associated with shorter telomeres.

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5 comments on “Physical activity in midlife and telomere length measured in old age

  • Why don’t you print the full source of your reported stories? I want to read more, and it would be good to read the whole article and see why they think the very active did not do well. Also, write another sentence why YOU think the high exercise group did not fare so well in the measurements.

    • Hi John – Sometimes we are able to provide a full text of the article but at other times, the journal restricts access to abstract only. However, the rest of the paper would not likely answer your questions as to why the extreme exercise group did not have the longest telomeres. Scientific papers generally stick to what was measured and the results of the analysis. As all exercise leads to some degree of oxidative stress (which shortens telomeres), it has been conjectured that extreme exercise generates a level of oxidative stress that can overwhelm the body’s capacity to neutralize it with antioxidants. However, at this stage, this argument is ONLY a hypothesis.

  • This hypothesis can most easily be proven by doing an extensive amount of telomere testing on amateur and professional bodybuilders, these folks are readily available every where and very willing to experiment

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